Atomic-Scale Microscopy & Spectroscopy
Atomic-Scale Microscopy & Spectroscopy
Research Group Akitoshi Shiotari
Research Group Akitoshi Shiotari


Welcome to the Atomic-Scale Microscopy & Spectroscopy Group!

This group utilizes low-temperature scanning probe microscopy (SPM) that visualizes individual atoms and molecules in real space. We also perform localized spectroscopic measurements by irradiating the SPM junctions with laser light. This provides information on the sub-nanometer scale beyond the simple topography. The goal of this group is to understand the origin of characteristic chemical/physical phenomena at solid material surfaces and molecules adsorbed on the surfaces at the atomic level by high spatial resolution imaging and spectroscopy techniques.


    Two research stays
    Nov 2023
    Two PhD students, Aji from Charles University and Kyungmin from Osaka University, are staying our group to experiment on their individual samples.
    We hope that both make good progress with us!
    A Journey into Surface Science and Molecular Chemistry
    Sep 2023
    Some of my group members visited the Institute of Molecular Science (IMS) and prominent universities in Japan for in-depth discussions with leading groups in surface science, atomic force microscopy, and organic chemistry. At three universities, Max gave individual seminars to four labs. (The photo shows one of them, Nozaki Lab at the University of Tokyo.)
    Presented at the Department Workshop
    Jun 2022
    We finally had the opportunity to meet face-to-face with colleagues in our department and discuss our recent research in depth. We enjoyed the workshop at a wonderful venue on lake Griebnitzsee, Berlin/Potsdam.
    New PhD student: Maximilian Halbauer
    Apr 2022
    Maximilian Halbauer, who was a visiting student in this group, has started his study as a PhD student at this institute. We certainly hope further development of his research!
    New group member: Dr. Youngwook Park
    Jan 2022
    We have welcomed Youngwook to the group as a postdoc. He will work on precise molecular vibration spectroscopy with scanning probe microscopy.