Ultrafast Scanning Probe Microscopy
Ultrafast Scanning Probe Microscopy
Research Group Melanie Müller
Research Group Melanie Müller


We are interested in the spatio-temporal response of solid state surfaces, nanostructures, and molecules following ultrafast laser excitation. Our goal is to obtain an atomistic understanding of such photoinduced processes on (sub-) nanometer length and femtosecond time scales by employing novel pump-probe schemes for ultrafast scanning probe microscopy (SPM). We envision to study, drive and control solid state matter in highly non-equilibrium states on ultrashort length und ultrafast time scales.

To achieve this goal, we are putting efforts into the development of a broadband THz-STM combined with femtosecond optical excitation. For more information please check our research page and follow our news below.


New preprint: Tracing hot electron tunneling in real-time
May 2022
We had a closer look into the nonequilibrium dynamics of hot electrons inside
a photoexcited STM tip, and were curious about the question: does the tunneling of photo-generated hot electrons in STM have thermal or nonthermal character? THz sampling inside the photoexcited STM junction can answer this question, have a closer look at our preprint: https://doi.org/10.48550/arXiv.2205.08248.
Alkisti joins as PhD student
May 2022
After her successful master, in which she optimized high-power operation of the spintronic THz emitter for THz-STM applications, Alkisti now joins us as a PhD student. She will work on phase-resolved THz studies inside STM junctions. Welcome (back) Alkisti!
New lab: Low-temperature THz-STM starts operation
May 2022
After dealing with various technical hurdles, we are finally back to STM operation in our new lab: with cryo and new laser system. Many thanks to the team for the great job to get this running! We are excited to see new data coming out of this machine soon!
Spintronic THz emitters: cool at high powers!
Apr 2022
We are happy to see proof that the spintronic THz emitter survives power levels of several Watts! This is very nice finding also for ultrabroadband THz-STM applications! Congratulations to the labs in Bochum for producing these nice results! Preprint available: arXiv:2112.09582.
New group member - Dr. Luis Parra Lopez
Oct 2021
In October 21 Luis joined our team. Luis expertise is luminescence studies on 2D layered materials, with a particular focus on atomic-scale local luminescence investigation using low-temperature STM. He will apply THz-STM to these materials. Welcome Luis!