Ultrafast Scanning Probe Microscopy
Research Group Melanie Müller
Ultrafast Scanning Probe Microscopy
Research Group Melanie Müller
Ultrafast Scanning Probe Microscopy
Research Group Melanie Müller


We are interested in the spatio-temporal response of solid state surfaces, nanostructures, and molecules following ultrafast laser excitation. Our goal is to obtain an atomistic understanding of such photoinduced processes on (sub-) nanometer length and femtosecond time scales by employing novel pump-probe schemes for ultrafast scanning probe microscopy (SPM). We envision to study, drive and control solid state matter in highly non-equilibrium states on ultrashort length und ultrafast time scales.

To achieve this goal, we are putting efforts into the development of a broadband THz-STM combined with femtosecond optical excitation. For more information please check our research page and follow our news below.


Ultrabroadband THz pulses meet STM tip
Jul 2020
Paper accepted in ACS Photonics, demonstrating the generation and time-domain sampling of ultrabroadband single-cycle THz bias pulses in an STM junction. Our results demonstrate the suitability of spintronic THz emitters for future ultrabroadband THz-STM applications with state-of-the art MHz laser systems, and provide insight into the broadband coupling of coherent THz radiation into nanoscale metallic junctions.
New group member - Alkisti
Mar 2020
Alkisti Vaitsi joins our group as master student to work on the generation of ultrabroadband THz pulses from spintronic THz emitters for application in THz-STM. Welcome Alkisti!
Natalia receives Marie Curie fellowship
Jan 2020
Natalia has been granted a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship to join IMDEA nanoscience in Madrid end of 2020. She will be involved in the development of near-field spectroscopic techniques coupled with optical tweezers. Congratulations Natalia!
New group member - Fabian
Dec 2019
Fabian Schulz joins our group as a postdoc to work on time-resolved imaging with THz-STM. Welcome Fabian!
Best poster prize
Oct 2019
Natalia receives the best poster prize in Bad Honnef at the Wilhelm-Heraeus seminar “Exploring the Limits of Nanoscience with Scanning Probe Methods”. Congratualion!