Atomic-Scale Microscopy & Spectroscopy
Atomic-Scale Microscopy & Spectroscopy
Research Group Akitoshi Shiotari
Research Group Akitoshi Shiotari


Welcome to the Atomic-Scale Microscopy & Spectroscopy Group!

This group utilizes low-temperature scanning probe microscopy (SPM) that visualizes individual atoms and molecules in real space. We also perform localized spectroscopic measurements by irradiating the SPM junctions with laser light. This provides information on the sub-nanometer scale beyond the simple topography. The goal of this group is to understand the origin of characteristic chemical/physical phenomena at solid material surfaces and molecules adsorbed on the surfaces at the atomic level by high spatial resolution imaging and spectroscopy techniques.


    My artwork was featured on the back cover of Chemical Science
    Oct 2021
    Our article on SPM-tip-induced mechanical switches of single helical molecules has been published in Chemical Science. My artwork describing this work appeared on the back cover of the journal.
    The website launched
    Jul 2021
    This is a new group established in 2021. If you are interested in new spectroscopic measurements using SPM and hope to join this group, please feel free to contact Akitoshi SHIOTARI.