Physikalische Chemie - Direktor: Prof. Dr. Martin Wolf
Department Seminar
Host: T. Kumagai

Wednesday, February 6, 2019, 11:00 am
PC Seminar Room, G 2.06, Faradayweg 4
Prof. Toshio Ando
Nano Life Science Institute (WPI-NanoLSI), Kanazawa University
High-speed atomic force microscopy for observing biological molecules in dynamic action
Proteins are dynamic in nature. The molecules undergo thermal motion and structural changes, bind to and dissociate from interaction partners, and traverse a range of energy and chemical states during their functional activity. For such entities, directly and simultaneously observing their function, structure and dynamics is a most straightforward approach to deciphering how they operate to function. To make this observation possible, we developed high-speed atomic force microscopy (HS-AFM) capable of real time, high-resolution imaging of individual molecules in action. Dynamic images of molecules acquired with HS-AFM allows us to provide deeper mechanistic insights into the molecular process of their functional activity, as demonstrated for myosin V walking on actin filaments, rotor-less F1-ATPase with rotational propagation of chemical and structural states over the subunits, and others. After brief descriptions of techniques involved in HS-AFM, several AFM movies of proteins will be shown together with their molecular mechanisms of action directly revealed from the movies.