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Phase transition of excitons filmed by x-rays:
Nov 2020

Time-resolved soft-x-ray photoemission spectroscopy is used to simultaneously measure the ultrafast dynamics of core-level spectral functions and excited states upon excitation of excitons in WSe2. We present a many-body approximation for the Green’s function, which excellently describes the transient core-hole spectral function. The relative dynamics of excited-state signal and core levels clearly show a delayed core-hole renormalization due to screening by excited quasifree carriers resulting from an excitonic Mott transition. [more...]

Interfacial Hydrated Electrons go Ultrafast
Sep 2020

Electrochemistry is the chemistry of electrons and charge transfer. For a molecular level understanding one would like to probe the dynamics of electron transfer at the electrochemical interface on all relevant time scale.  While conventional electrochemical characterization methods such as impedance spectroscopy are very useful in sampling “slow” dynamics, they are not fast enough for processes such as interfacial electron transfer or solvent reorganization. In this study a novel [more...]

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