Physikalische Chemie - Direktor: Prof. Dr. Martin Wolf
Online Seminar
Chair: Takashi Kumagai

Thursday, July 21, 2022, 10:00 am
Sujit Manna
Department of Physics, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
FHI/IMS Joint Online Seminar - Emergent Electronic and Spin States Revealed by Spin Resolved Scanning Tunneling Spectroscopy
Under special conditions, a fermion in a superconductor can separate in space into two parts known as Majorana zero modes (MZM), which are immune to decoherence from local noise sources and are attractive building blocks for quantum computers. Promising experimental progress has been made to synthesize topological superconductors that demonstrate Majorana zero modes in materials with strong spin–orbit coupling proximity coupled to superconductors. In this talk, I will discuss our recently developed suitable topological superconducting platform that promise to host robust MZM in multilayer hetero-structures. In combination of spatial resolved tunneling spectroscopy with high spin & energy resolution and theoretical modeling, we show the interplay between superconductivity, spin-orbit coupling and Zeeman field [1-2]. This novel platform opens up the possibility for realizing MBS manipulations in stable and scalable metallic thin-film nanostructures, where strong SOC intrinsic exchange field ensures much more robust MZM compared to other analogous semiconductor-based schemes [3]. To the end I will also show how spin resolved spectroscopy provide crucial insight towards the relationship between the insulating states with a charge gap and the magnetic order in the Mott insulating states [4].
1. Phys. Rev. Let. 122 (2019) 247002
2. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 117 (2020) 8775
3. US Patent 11,100,419 (2021)
4. Nature Physics, 15 (2019) 1267

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