Physikalische Chemie - Direktor: Prof. Dr. Martin Wolf
Department Seminar
Host: Melanie Müller

Monday, August 28, 2023, 11:00 am
All are invited to meet around 10:40 am for a chat with coffee & cookies.
PC Seminar Room, G 2.06, Faradayweg 4
Michael Sentef
University of Bremen & MPI for the Structure and Dynamics of Matter, Hamburg
Light-Matter Control of Quantum Materials
Advances in time-resolved pump-probe spectroscopies have enabled us to follow the microscopic dynamics of quantum materials on femtosecond time scales. This gives us a glimpse into the inner workings of how complex, emergent functionalities of quantum many-body systems develop on ultrafast time scales or react to external forces. The ultimate dream of the community is to use light as a tuning parameter to create new states of matter on demand with designed properties and new functionalities, perhaps not achievable by other means. In this talk I will discuss recent progress in controlling and engineering properties of quantum materials through light-matter interaction [0]. I will highlight work on Floquet engineering — the creation of effective Hamiltonians by time-periodic drives — on sub-cycle time scales [1,2] combining theory and pump-probe experiments at the limits of energy and time resolution. I will then showcase recent theories on inducing superconductivity with light by employing enhanced light-matter interaction in the near-field involving polaritonic excitations [3,4]. 

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