Nonlinear Interfacial Spectroscopy
Nonlinear Interfacial Spectroscopy
Research Group Martin Thämer
Research Group Martin Thämer

Advincula, X.; Backus, E.; Bonn, M.; Cox, S.; Diebold, U.; Fellows, A.; Finney, A.; Goel, G.; Hedley, J.; Jiang, Y.; Jin, D.; Kapil, V.; Kavokine, N.; Klein, J.; Laage, D.; Mohandas, N.; Morgenstern, K.; Mukherjee, T.; Olvera de la Cruz, M.; Orlikowska- Rzeznik, H.; Perkin, S.; Piaggi, P.; Gomez Rodellar, C.; Ryan, P.; Sayer, T.; Seyffertitz, M.; Shepelenko, M.; Sosso, G.; Thämer, M.; Vilangottunjalil, A.; Walker-Gibbons, R.; Wang, Y.; Willard, A.; Zhang, P.
Electrified/charged aqueous interfaces: general discussion
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Obtaining extended insight into molecular systems byprobing multiple pathways in second-order nonlinear spectroscopy
Khan, T.; John, B.; Niemann, R.; Paarmann, A.; Wolf, M.; and Thämer, M.
Compact oblique-incidence nonlinear widefieldmicroscopy with paired-pixel balanced imaging
Balos, V.; Garling,T.; Diaz Duque, A.; John, B.; Wolf, M. and Thämer, M.
Phase-Sensitive Vibrational Sum and Difference Frequency-Generation Spectroscopy Enabling Nanometer-Depth Profiling at Interfaces
before 2020
Garling, T.; Campen, R. K.; Wolf, M. and Thämer, M.
A General Approach To Combine the Advantages of Collinear and Noncollinear Spectrometer Designs in Phase-Resolved Second-Order Nonlinear Spectroscopy
Thämer, M.; Garling, T.; Campen, R. K.; Wolf, M.
Quantitative determination of the nonlinear bulk and surface response from alpha-quartz using phase sensitive SFG spectroscopy
Thämer, M.; Campen, R.K.; Wolf, M.
Detecting Weak Signals from Interfaces by High Accuracy Phase-Resolved SFG Spectroscopy
Tong, Y.; Lapointe, F.; Thämer, M.; Wolf, M.; Campen, R. K.
Hydrophobic Water Probed Experimentally at the Gold Electrode/Aqueous Interface
De Marco, L.; Fournier, J. A.; Thämer, M.; Carpenter, W.; Tokmakoff, A.
Anharmonic exciton dynamics and energy dissipation in liquid water from two-dimensional infrared spectroscopy
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Protons and Hydroxide Ions in Aqueous Systems
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Plasmons in supported size-selected silver nanoclusters
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Ultrafast 2D IR spectroscopy of the excess proton in liquid water
De Marco, L.; Thämer, M.; Reppert, M.; Tokmakoff, A.
Direct observation of intermolecular interactions mediated by hydrogen bonding
Heister, P.; Lünskens, T.; Thämer, M.; Kartouzian, A.; Gerlach, S.; Verbiest, T.; Heiz, U.
Orientational changes of supported chiral 2,2′-dihydroxy-1,1′binaphthyl molecules
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Small Supported Plasmonic Silver Clusters
Kartouzian, A.; Heister, P.; Thämer, M.; Gerlach, S.; Heiz, U.
In-line reference measurement for surface second harmonic generation spectroscopy
Farrag, M.; Thämer, M.; Tschurl, M.; Bürgi, T.; Heiz, U.
Preparation and Spectroscopic Properties of Monolayer-Protected Silver Nanoclusters
Thämer, M.; Kartouzian, A.; Heister, P.; Gerlach, S.; Tschurl, M.; Boesl, U.; Heiz, U.
Linear and Nonlinear Laser Spectroscopy of Surface Adsorbates with Sub-Monolayer Sensitivity
Knoll, M.; Thämer, M.
An enhancement-mode electrochemical organic field-effect transistor
Kartouzian, A.; Thämer, M.; Heiz, U.
Characterisation and cleaning of oxide support materials for cavity ring-down spectroscopy
Kartouzian, A.; Thämer, M.; Soini, T.; Peter, J.; Pitschi, P.; Gilb, S.; Heiz, U.
Cavity ring-down spectrometer for measuring the optical response of supported size-selected clusters and surface defects in ultrahigh vacuum