News Reports
Ralph Ernstorfer has been appointed as Professor at the Technische Universität Berlin on June 1st 2021
Jun 2021

The head of “Structural & Electronic Surface Dynamics” from the Department of Physical Chemistry was appointed Professor by the Technische Universität Berlin at the Institut für Optik und Atomare Physik on June 1st, 2021.

Nonequilibrium Charge-Density-Wave Order Beyond the Thermal Limit
May 2021

Phase transitions under quasi-equilibrium conditions, e.g., induced by a slow variation of temperature, are well described by Landau theory. In contrast, the situation far from equilibrium, e.g., after ultrafast laser excitation, differs fundamentally from a thermodynamic scenario, and it remains an open question how our understanding of static phase transitions in complex matter has to be adapted to capture a dynamical, photoinduced melting and recovery of order. In particular, even the thermal critical temperature might not provide a valid description in a system exhibiting strong non-equilibrium between different degrees of freedom, such as electrons [more...]