News Report
Guest Professor Jens Biegert receives the Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel Research Award
Mar 2019

The Alexander von Humbaldt Foundation has announced that Prof. Dr. Jens Biegert, a researcher at ICFO, Castelldefels, has been granted the Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel Research Award. Professor Biegert is an international leader in the fields of ultrafast laser physics and attosecond science, and noted as a pioneer atomic- and attosecond-resolution molecular imaging, and key advances towards element-selective attosecond x-ray spectroscopy of carrier dynamics in solid state systems. During his stay in Berlin at the Fritz-Haber-Institut der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft he will explore the connection between electrons and the lattice within electronic and structural phase transitions and for superconductivity, Here he will be hosted by Prof. Dr. Martin Wolf.